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How to Start

1. Read, Research, Visit

  • Read all the information provided on our website and any additional information you can find. See our blogs, facebook, twitter, Instagram, and social media.
  • Research your local market and the coffee industry. Compare our brand to other local coffee shops and make an opinion of who you want to surround yourselves with.
  • Visit an iVibe store and other local stores as a customer. Really pay attention to the look, feel, and service provided. You should feel a difference.
  • If it all feels right……then continue to item 2

2. Review your situation

  • Take a look at your finances. Meet with lenders, talk with interested family, and look at the avenues that can get you involved from a financial standpoint.
  • Take a look at your time. If you are interested in the company how can you manage starting the process from a time and resource standpoint. We will definitely help along the way but make sure you can dedicate yourself to the process.
  • Think about your passion. If you are coming to iVibe strictly to get rich, I think you may have found the wrong business. If you have a passion for people, service, growth, and like the opportunity of potential monetary gain while doing those things, then you have found the right business partners. Just so everyone knows up front. Giving back and being involved with our communities is a passion iVibe has as a company.

3. Submit Franchise Initial Interest Document

  • At this point we expect you have done serious thinking and are ready to start the process or get more detailed in your research. We will answer any additional questions and can provide you detailed information including the FDD and supporting document. At this point there are still no strings attached.

4. Correspond with local Development Agent

  • This stage gives you opportunity to ask questions and get the feel of the process, business, and people involved. At this point we have provided you the information and you make a decision to move forward formally or not.

5. Complete Formal Franchise Application Document

  • The formal application process is much more in depth than the initial interest sheet. At this point we detail a background check, detailed resume, letters of reference, personal financial statement (PFS), and will conduct an in person formal interview. Once this is completed iVibe may require additional supporting information for the decision, deny the franchise request, or choose to move forward.

6. Secure Financing

  • Before signing a franchise disclosure document (FDD) all franchisees must have franchise fees available and financing approved.

7. Sign Franchise Agreement

  • A fully completed FDD will be provided to you. There is a period of 15 days that all franchisees have for review of all FDD documents (You cannot signe and return the signed documents until the buffer period is reached)

8. Secure a Location and Build Your Store

  • Meet with management and builders to go over requirements and suggestions
  • Review Available Properties (if none available or not acceptable)
  • Meet with local realtors
  • Approve locations with franchise ownership
  • Negotiate Lease or Purchase
  • Develop property and or complete tenant improvements (TI’s)

9. Begin Training

Training will be fun, detailed, and extremely educational. It will consist of on site, off site, at home, video, and a majority of time at a franchise partners store doing real tasks during working hours. Once you have completed the training you will be ready to hire, train, and open your own store.

10. Celebrate Grand Opening

Grand Opening is one of the most exciting days of a business owners life. You will never forget it. Because of this, we put a lot of effort and attention into this day. We will have marketing team fully involved with getting the community involved. If needed we can also have the highest level of managers and baristas help at the store due to the extreme expected volume of customers day one.

*Opening a business is a very detailed venture. We assure you that our team of experts will be there every step of the way helping the process. We expect that this will be a learning process for new franchisees. We feel that the personal attention along the way will make this process easier and more enjoyable. Our program was developed to be very hands on. Expect about 1 yr. from start to finish.