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There are many reasons why you should or should not be part of a business. At iVibe we want to always be 100% transparent with our potential partners. If we are the right organization with the right opportunity we want to do anything and everything in our power to come together for greatness. Please review all the franchise information with great detail as we try and educate you as much as possible in these sections. If you think we may be the right franchise please contact us and we will begin the process. There is never any up front obligation for information. Please go to our get started tab if you are ready to begin the path toward an iVibe franchise and becoming part of the iVibe Nation.

Why iVibe?

Because we are the coolest coffee company in the world

Our Industry

With Americans consuming 400 million cups of coffee per day (146 billion cups/yr) we feel that our coffee consumers need a more fun and energetic option with the highest quality and convenience available. With the huge hitters in the coffee & beverage industry all being publicly traded (non franchise) companies we felt that a change was needed. First, we are able to create an avenue for business ownership and the potential for individual freedom. In our model we promote team at all levels and make decisions based on the benefit of our customer and partners.

Our Model

We are going to turn the coffee industry upside down. We will provide a fun environment that is based 100% on the service of our customers and boldness of our brand. We base our success on the satisfaction of every customer. We will provide an energetically pleasing environment that is quick, convenient, affordable, and inviting to all. Additionally, our franchise model allows all employees the ultimate opportunity to own their own store under the iVibe name. This creates a vision, culture, and goal oriented atmosphere that enhances the growth and development of every employee. If our employees don’t end as iVibe store owners we hope their development can create a successful, responsible, and impactful adult within our communities.

Our Team

The iVibe owners have created a team of experts consisting of; administrators, brand managers, marketing teams, distribution lines, product development, real estate experts, construction development teams, technology contractors, attorneys, and franchise support teams. All of these tools can and will be used in the growth and development of your store and the iVibe brand. By joining the iVibe Coffee franchise there is always a team member helping along the way. We have paved the way, now you have decide if this is the right path.